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I'm a 22 year old musician, actor, and freak from Burbank, CA. I'm a Whovian, The X-Files, American Horror Story, Torchwood, Attack On Titan, Sherlock, music, funny stuff, things I like, etc. Basically, stuff happens here. Enjoy it!

Reblog this if you truly enjoy giving oral sex

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I just had a dream that Tim Burton was at my house for a meet and greet for some reason and he got pissed off because of my fangasming. At least he gave me a free signed poster…

Person:Have you seen that episode where...
Me:I have seen every episode, go on

If someone bought me a 1967 Chevy Impala V8 427 4 Barrel black hard top with black leather seats and beige interior I would be their sex slave for all of eternity I am dead serious




Does Canada even have a president or is it just whichever moose has the strongest antlers

as a Canadian i can confirm this is in fact true

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